EndTime Issues ...

Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming

Advent - Consummation - Parousia

The Great Controversy Theme  [Herbert E. Douglass, Th.D.]
What are You Watching For?
Jesus Comes - As a Baby
Sword of Truth
This Generation Shall Not Pass
The Trumpet Sounds - Is Anyone Listening?
When Was Jesus Born?
Two Comings - One Rapture
The Story of the End-Time Celestial Signs
"One Generation" - Approximately Forty Years
God's Doom or Glory
Receding Time to Prepare
The "Abominator" - The "Abomination"
"Day and Hour" - Time Restriction?
Thinking about the Parousia
Matthew 24-25 - Part 6 - Drama at the Second Coming

Matthew 24-25 - Part 12 - When Justice and Mercy Blend
Revelation 10 and 11 - Part 6 - God's Justice and His Mercy
Convicting Reasons Why Jesus is Coming Soon (PPT)

Encountering Christ in Revelation's Prologue
As it Was - So it Will Be
Famine: Predicted - Emerging

"Desperate" for the End
A Myth turned into Tradition
Drama of the Sixth Seal
Paul and the Apocalypse
Exiting Prophecies of Christ's Coming
Drama of Revelation's Sixths and Sevenths
White Horse to White Horse