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Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming


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The Last Geopolitical "Order"

This riveting document penetrates why intensity is gripping the world! "World peace can be ours if we only submit to a one-world government that manages our lives and our finances" (Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas in Veritate, 2009).  A "world order" is evolving with Pope Francis at its center! (spiral bound, 96 pages). To order hard copy, click here.


When "The" Church Rides the Beast (Revelation 17-18)

The Christian church apostatizes at the end and is called a harlot! In stunning imagery she is seen (Rev. 17) controlling the world and letting it drink of her heresy and dogma. Her earthly authority comes by a "state" called a beast. Together, they bring persecution and martyrdom so severe that the Bible says she becomes drunk with the blood of God's people. How that occurs is reported in Revelation 13. This amazing book will rivet the reader's attention cover to cover! (spiral bound, 200 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

Christ's Introduction to Apocalyptic Prophecy (Matthew 24-25)

In unbelievable details, Christ creates a template of how earth's final events will unfold. Within that sequence, He reveals "clocks" that show it is "even at the doors." These stunning prophecies are interspersed with objective illustrations that His coming is near (spiral bound, 119 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

End-Time Secrets of Daniel 8-12

Preface to the Book of Revelation. Beautiful, exciting end-time meaning of each chapter (spiral bound, 175 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

Scriptures Most Important "Time" Prophecies (Daniel 12)

A stunning phrase by phrase analysis of Daniel 13, revealing that the three timing prophecies are unequivocally end-time (spiral bound, 93 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

God's Preparation Manual (Revelation 10-11)

To become part of earth's last evangelists, a special knowledge base is required. These two chapters help to "qualify" us for that task. Of stunning importance is an understanding of the unsealed portion of Daniel. It is a "must" study to become part of God's "team." This book opens, as never before, God's "preparation material" to guide us into that last high calling (spiral bound, 174 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

When Deliverance and Restoration Come (Daniel 9)

This is a phrase by phrase analysis of the whole chapter as to why there is a dual application to the great purpose of the 490-year period of the 70 Sabbatical years within its "clocks." One is yet to occur with a final Jubilee (spiral bound, 114 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

The Final Battle between Two Apostate Powers - Again! (Daniel 11)

The King of the North and the King of the South. As the final rise of papal power reaches its zenith, it comes into conflict with Islam. The drama of this end-time battle is vital information to those who finish the work. Those witnesses are mentioned twice! (spiral bound, 70 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

God's Great "Week" of Time

Ancient Jewish leaders and early church Fathers believed that the world would end after 6000 years of existence based on the "sacred seven" model introduced in the Creation week. This book shows why the second advent comes exactly 6000 years after sin began! (perfect bound paperback, 138 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

The Loud Cry Message (Revelation 14)

An exciting review of the last "Three Angel" warning messages the earth will ever hear. Far more than giving the gospel call, it is a warning message that God's wrath in a judicial hour is about to begin! (spiral bound, 197 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

"Strange Work" of the Seven Trumpets

The blast from the first four tribulation Trumpets is God's response to the fifth Seal saints' cry, "How long?" That is when He begins His "strange work." Then Satan is given his last chance to "influence" the world in Trumpets 5-7. His actions are so fiendish, the Bible calls them "woes." The Trumpets represent God's final statement against sin before He returns and Satan's last revelation of his devilish character. This is one of the most amazing apocalyptic studies! (perfect bound paperback, 200 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

The Seven Seals of Revelation (Teaching outline only)

Seals 1-5 reveal the end-time players of earth's final conflict. Seals 6 and 7 relate to the great consummation (spiral bound, 70 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

Sacred Time for the End of Time

Eluded to by expositors but never clearly explained from the Scriptures, this document is a first to unfold why the seventh-day Sabbath will be a pivotal end-time battle issue. The "mark of the beast," which God calls an "abomination" (suppression of the true Sabbath), He says is a "transgression." The number 666 takes on new major significance in light of Babylonian numeric systems, all related to the day on which one worships (spiral bound, 120 pages). To order hard copy, click here.

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Characteristics of the last-day church (spiral bound, 222 pages). To order hard copy, click here.


Commentary - Revelation 18-22

Spiral bound, 228 pages. To order hard copy, click here.

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