EndTime Issues ...

Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming


Popedom - Part 1 - History of Papacy [Richard M. Bennett]
Popedom - Part 2 - Keys of Peter? [Richard M. Bennett]

Identifying "The" Antichrist
A Final Rise in Papal Power
Pope Francis and September 2015
Collusion of Powers
The Accomplishments of Pope John Paul II [Richard M. Bennett]
The Catholic Origins of Futurism and Preterism [Michael Scheifler]
Catholicism Against Itself
The Mystic Plague - Catholicism Sets a Spiritualistic Agenda [Richard Bennett]
Dominus Jesus and Vatican Retrenchment [Samuele Bacchiocchi, Ph.D.]
Ecumenical History Made at Assisi, Italy
Flirting with Mary
Mary - Modern Spiritualism
Papal Rome and the European Union [Michael de Semlyen and Richard Bennett]
Pope Benedict's Denunciation of True Churches - Exposes His Own System [Richard M. Bennett]
Power Play for a "Moral" Voice
Papacy, Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI
Rising Power of the Papacy
Roman Catholicism and Illegal Aliens [Shaun Willcock]
Saint Patrick and the Early Celtic Church [Brian Hoeck]
The Catholic Court of Appeal [Robert F. Cochran jr.]
The Power of the Catholic Popes [Mal Couch]
The Vatican's Global Plans [Richard M. Bennett]
The World Wonders
This Apology Doesn't Ring True
The Council of Trent Changed the Sabbath to Sunday Worship [Michael Scheifler]
Catholicism Relates to Islam [T. A. McMahon]
Vatican-Holy See - Church or State (Lateran Treaty Changed)
Who is the Vicar of Christ [Richard M. Bennett]
Which Pope Made the Change From Sabbath to Sunday Rest? [Michael Scheifler]
The Immaculate Conception - The Drama, Dogma and Disaster [Richard M. Bennett]
The Roman Catholic Socialist Agenda [Richard M. Bennett]
RC "Year of Faith" [Richard M. Bennett]
Catholic References Regarding "Motherhood" and the Church
"Religious" Marxism
Catholic Statements Regarding the Roman Catholic Church Versus All Other Religions
America - On a Suicide Watch
Catholicism - Understand What It Teaches

An Urgent Perspective
The "Abominator" - The "Abomination"
The Final Battle Between Two Apostate Powers - Part 1 (update)

The Final Battle Between Two Apostate Powers - Part 2 (update)
The Final Battle Between Two Apostate Powers - Part 3 (update)
Final Battle Between Two Apostate Powers - Part 1
Final Battle Between Two Apostate Powers - Part 2

Secular Ecumenism
Deception on the Prowl
King of the South - Part 1
King of the South - Part 2

Violence - A sign - Part 1
Violence - A sign - Part 2

"Christian" Mysticism - Part 1
The Three-Phased Beast Prophecies of Revelation

Final Conclave as Benedict Resigns
Identifying the Earth Beast
Emerging Geopolitical Religious Forces
Daniel 7 - Wielding Power 3-1/2 Years - Part 5 (to be revised)
   Appendix I - New World Order
   Appendix II - Geopolitical Prophecy - Ten Horns to be Crowned
   Appendix III - Statements by the Catholic Church about Changing One of God’s Laws
   Appendix IV - Year-Day Principle

Matthew 24-25 - Part 6 - Drama at the Second Coming
Rome and the New World Order
Geopolitical Prophecy - Ten Horns Soon to be Crowned
Final World Disorder
Prophetic "Faces" of the Antichrist
The Great Reset
Paul and the Apocalypse
Detonation of America's Greatness
Licentiousness - Fragmenting God's Order
A Tyrant - Claiming to be Religious!
12 Phases toward Sunday Laws

Daniel 12 and E. G. White