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Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming

Church and State

Identifying "The" Antichrist
Church Likes State - soon - State Needs Church
Churches Tinker with Government
Constitutional Amendment - A Turning Point for America
Power Play for a "Moral" Voice
Purpose-Driven Deception on a Global Scale [Berit Kjos]
Should Civil Government Enforce the Sabbath? [Gordon Keddie, National Reform Association]
Vatican - Holy See - Church or State? (Lateran Treaty Changed)
Why are Christians Losing America? [David Kupelian]
"Religious" Marxism
America - On a Suicide Watch
Harbinger: "The Antichrist"

Attenuated Religious Liberty
Minions of the Dragon
Pope Francis and September 2015
Deception on the Prowl
Collusion of Powers
Tyranny - A Sign
Emerging Geopolitical Religious Forces
Uncertainty Knocks on Freedom's Door
Normalizing Demonic Behavior
Geopolitical Coalitions Strengthen
The Great Reset
An Image for Our Time

America - Where are you going?
Detonation of America's Greatness
A Tyrant - Claiming to be Religious!
No Turning Back

Christian Nationalism