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Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming

New World Order

NWO - New Geopolitical Order - Part 1
NWO - Papal Interest in Geopolitical Power- Part 2

Violence - A sign - Part 1
Violence - A sign - Part 2

America - On a Suicide Watch
Christianity Under Siege

Secular Ecumenism
Satan's Empire at War
Pope Francis and September 2015
The Three-Phased Beast Prophecies of Revelation
Tyranny - A Sign
Daniel 7 - A Daniel 7 Review and Preview - Part 1 (to be revised)
Earth Beast with Lamb-like Horns (PPT)

Geopolitical Prophecy - Ten Horns Soon to be Crowned
Final World Disorder
Restrict and Control - A Test Run?
Geopolitical Coalitions Strengthen
Prophetic "Faces" of the Antichrist
The Great Reset
An Image for Our Time
Shackled Freedoms
"Mass Formation" - Populace Hypnosis
Detonation of America's Greatness
Freedom Gasping to Breathe
Licentiousness - Fragmenting God's Order
A Tyrant - Claiming to be Religious!
No Turning Back

Christian Nationalism