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Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming

Sabbath Issues

History of Sabbath Observance [J. Coltheart]
Sabbatical Year – The Shemita
Saint Patrick and the Early Celtic Church [Brian Hoeck]
Should Civil Government Enforce the Sabbath? [Gordon Keddie, National Reform Association]

The "Daily" - Another Look
Abomination Associated with Desolation
The Council of Trent Changed the Sabbath to Sunday Worship [Michael Scheifler]
Which Pope Made the Change From Sabbath to Sunday Rest? [Michael Scheifler]
Why "Sun-day" is So Appealing to Satan
Sabbath vs. Sunday: The Rest of the Story [Joe Kovacs]

Catholic Statements Regarding the Roman Catholic Church Versus All Other Religions
Revelation 12 book preliminary - Part 1
Revela tion 12 book prel iminary - Part 2
Revela tion 12 book prel iminary - Part 3
12 Phases toward Sunday Laws
Loving Hate