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     Books (see "Books" menu for descriptions):  
          The Last Geopolitical "Order" (Revelation 17) 1001
          When "The" Church Rides the Beast (Revelation 17-18) 1002
          End-Time Secrets of Daniel 8-12 1003
          Scriptures Most Important "Time" Prophecies (Daniel 12) 1004
          God's Preparation Manual (Revelation 10-11) 1005
          When Deliverance and Restoration Come (Daniel 9) 1006
          The Coming Battle between Two Apostate Powers - Again! (Daniel 11) 1007
          God's Great "Week" of Time 1008
          Christ's Introduction to Apocalyptic Prophecy (Matthew 24-25) 1009
          The Loud Cry 1010
          Sacred Time for the End of Time 1012
          The Seven Seals of Revelation (Teaching outline only) 1013
          "Time of the End" within Daniel 7 (not available presently - under revision) 1014
          Revelation 18-22 Commentary 1015
          The Seven Churches (Revelation 2-3) 1016
          "The Daily" 1017
          The Story of Daniel 8 & 12 - Ten Lessons 2001
          The New World Order – Two Parts 2002
          The Harlot and the Beast – Revelation 17, Four Lessons 2003
          The Millennial Week of Time – Three Lessons 2004
          The Three Angels' Messages - Revelation 14 - Four Lessons 2005
          The Story of Daniel 9 - Six Lessons 2006
          King of the North - Daniel 11 - Four Lessons 2007
          The Seven Seals of Revelation - Revelation 4-8 - Five Lessons 2008
          Judgment of the Living - Revelation 10-11 - Two Lessons 2009
          Preparation Needed to Finish God's Work - Revelation 10-11 - Five Lessons 2010
          144,000 2011