EndTime Issues ...

Why We're Getting Close to Christ's Coming

Bible Truths from Prophecy

(In Prophecy Research seminars and work shops, students are given a copy of these Teaching Outlines to follow along.)


 Study 1A  Principles of Prophecy
Study 1B Jesus Introduces Us to End-Time Prophecy
Study 2A    Jesus Returns to Planet Earth   
Study 2B  But there are More Signs! 
 Study 2C  Second Coming of Jesus – Follow-up Summary
  Study 3A   Jesus said: “Go to Daniel” for the “Abomination Story!”
 Study 3B   Daniel 12 Chart 
Study 3C  Who Is Michael the Archangel? 
Study 4A  The Harlot "Babylon" 
Study 4B  The Antichrist Speaks! 
  Study 5A   Ten Horns - The New World Order
 Study 5B  Three Beast Prophecies of Revelation
 Study 6A  A Major Sign of the End - An Abomination
Study 6B  The "Daily" - Ha Tamid - Exegesis 
 Study 7A  How Satan Succeeded in Changing God's Worship Day
 Study 7B  Keeping the Sabbath
 Study 7C  The Sabbath - Currently Viable or Fulfilled at the Cross?
  Stu dy 8   Why was Sin Permitted?
 Study 9  God's Great Week of Time
Study 10 What Does that Fearful Word "Judgment" Really Mean?  
Study 11 "Come out of her, my people"
 Study 12  Resurrection Necessary?
Study 13 Minions of the Dragon
       Study 14  Daniel 9 - Part 1
Study 15 Daniel 9 - Part 2
Study 16 Amazing Blood Prophecies
Study 17 The Promise of Salvation
Study 18 God's Chosen People
  Study 19   Chosen and Sealed - The 144,000
Study 20 The Seven Seals
Study 21 NA
Study 22 God's Promises - His Miniature Prophecies
  Study 23  Identifying the Antichrist
Study 24 Health - A Great Idea
Study 25 Mysticism and Another "Spirit"!
Study 26 Apocalyptic Timing Prophecies
     Study 27 Outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Last Days
Study 28 Prophetic Evolution - In the Book of Daniel - Part 1
     Study 28 Prophetic Evolution - in the Book of Daniel - Part 2 
 Study 29 Eternal Life - Eternally Saved
Study 30 How We are Saved



Study 1 Ellen White and Time Prophecies
Study 2 Rome is Ready to Strike
Study 3 Time of Tribulation
Study 4 Mysticism and the Paranormal
Study 5 The Three Airborne Angels
Study 6 Before the Sunday Laws
Study 7 The Seven Churches  - Part 1 
Study 7 The Seven Churches - Part 2
Study 8 The Seven Trumpets
Study 9 Hour of Temptation
Study 10 Daniel 12 and E. G. White
Study 11 The Seven Vial Plagues
Study 12 Mark of the Beast Crisis
Study 13 A Harlot Named "Babylon" Rides a Beast
Study 14 Meltdown of Liberty
Study 15 An “End” Daniel Couldn’t Grasp!
Study 16 Melchizedek - End of Time Prophecy
Study 17 The Hebrew Feasts
Study 18 Former and Latter Rain 

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