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New Geopolitical Order - Part 1

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New Geopolitical Order
(Ten “Horns” on the Beast)
(Part I)


The apocalyptic “beast” is described in Daniel 7:7-8 and 20-25; Revelation 13:1 and 17:12-13. Common to all narratives, it:
  1. Blasphemes God – curses Him!
  2. Has seven heads – a “perfect” number
  3. Has ten horns – a “complete” number

Horns give authority and power to a beast or nation. Daniel was told that those horns were “ten kings” or kingdoms in that context (Daniel 7:24).[1]

  • The same explanation was given to John (Revelation 17:12).
  • “And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast. These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast” (Revelation 17:12-13).
  • When the angel said that they had not yet received their “kingdom” or area of governance (Revelation 17:12), it was in anticipation. It was about to happen.
  • Then in Revelation 13 the horns have crowns. Clearly, the kings there are now ruling nations or kingdoms. That fulfills the Revelation 17 “horn” interlude prophecy!

Those ten horns represent a coalition – a unit of nations – that involves the whole world (16:13-14; 17:2, 18; 18:3-4; 19:19).

  • The number “ten” is symbolic for “the whole” in Bible prophecy. It is “complete,” “made up” as God designed.
  • It suggests a group of sovereign world powers that join with the beast or papacy.
  • This reveals that these “ten” are a universal bond of the “kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:18; 16:14, 16).

These ten kings must, therefore, collectively rule over ten world divisions or regions with the beast – the Holy See or papacy. In fact:

  • They give their power to papal control.
  • She, in turn, shares some “religious moral values” with them.

God has no respect for those “religious norms.” How do we know?

  • He calls that sharing “fornication” (Revelation 17:2-4)
  • What she shares is in a golden cup, which God says is filled with “abominations” (vs 4).
  • See When “The” Church Rides the Beast (Franklin S. Fowler Jr., M.D.).

At the end, those kings and the beast work unitedly to war against Jesus (Revelation 19:19). But we have a promise: “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful” (Revelation 17:14).
The Ten Horns – Beast – Antichrist Coalition
The Revelation 17 prophecy is about the end of history. How do we know? Revelation 17:1. A natural question then: What are these ten world regions or governments that we expect to see soon? The answer began to unfold during World War II.
A very unique historic map, housed in the Library of Congress (posted February 25, 1942), uncovers a sinister “world empire!” This details its background:

  • In 1941 a Maurice Gomberg, cartographer for the U.S. State Department, drew a world map showing a coalition of regions that anticipated a New World Moral Order!” (This label was apparently given by the State Department, under the direction of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.)
  • It quoted excerpts from Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s State of the Union address to the 77th Congress, January 6, 1941.
  • An extensive outline of that moral ideal world was at the bottom of the map. Then on December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Shortly thereafter:
  • The State Department published this document (February 1942 in Philadelphia, PA). Its distribution appears to have been limited.

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  1. The United States, along with the Carnegie Institute, divided the world into ten divisions. Here is an amazing issue to observe:
  1. Some of those divisions wouldn’t be a reality for years!
  1. The nation of Israel wouldn’t arise for another seven years.
  2. The north American Union wouldn’t emerge until 1994 (NAFTA).
  1. Dr. Thomas Moriarty, historian and professor at Our Lady of the Elms College, Chicopee, MA, while researching for a book on U.S. wartime global ambitions, noted regarding this map: “Either the U.S. State Department had someone who could see into the future or else they meticulously planned to redraw the entire map of the world” with mysterious geopolitical sensitivity. Clearly, there was “someone” who had incredible savvy about the world powers that directed Maurice Gomberg (all quoted from Tom Prendeville, Irish Sun, June 23, 2009). This is a very mysterious map!
  1. World leaders had been in contact with each other (especially Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin). A coalition from those respective nations was to “enforce” world peace!
  1. The map noted that all natural resources would be nationalized and distributed to all nations. Banking, investments, railroads and power plants would be nationalized everywhere. A common world monetary system would be established.

Where did all these ideas originate from? What resource influenced the Carnegie Institute?
In the book, FDR, the Vatican, and the Roman Catholic Church in America (1933-1945), editors David B. Woolner and Richard G. Kurial, N.Y., Palgrave (2003) noted that the Catholic Church played a very active role in domestic policy and in the planning of Roosevelt’s presidency. The Church influenced many issues incorporated in the “New Deal,” using its social teachings.
Did they also influence the details of this map? The “ideals” at its bottom coincide very closely with Catholic Social policy and its geopolitical ideals! They were originally outlined by Pope Leo XIII in the 1800’s (Rerum Novarum) and embellished by Pope Pius XI (Quadragesimo Anno – 1931).
In these, the Catholic Church renounced economic "individualism” (capitalism) to
establish what they coined as “social justice” for the “common good.” The ties seem more than a coincidence as to what is published on this map.
No one is quite sure of the relationship between Maurice Gomberg of Philadelphia, Roosevelt, the Catholic Church and the Carnegie Institute. But – what is even more intriguing is a very mysterious organization that emerged slightly over two decades later:


“The Club of Rome, a global think tank that deals with major international political issues, was founded in 1968 at the Accademia dei Lincei (literally the ‘Academy of the Lynx-Eyed). This Italian science academy was founded in 1603, associated with the Roman Catholic Church. The Club of Rome published a stunning book, The Limits of Growth. It outlined all of the major geopolitical issues that would unify the world (from the right to life, the environment to population control, distribution of wealth, value of labor unions, ecumenism, etc.).”[2] Many of those objectives are described at the bottom of that 1942 map! In addition, they re-drew the 1942 map (above) to accommodate the changes since WWII.
The ten world divisions were retained!

  • This could have been any number of divisions!
  • The Bible said there would be “ten horns” or world kingdoms at the end!
  • Also, the “ten toes” of Nebuchadnezzar’s image has an end-time application, consistent with those world divisions!

Other agencies have subsequently drawn similar maps to reflect this New World Order design:
  [see pdf]
                                   United Nation’s Ten World Divisions – 2009 
 Always, there are ten divisions.
These have found their way into many geography books.
As prophecy suggests, the papacy would enter the arena of geopolitical thinking.
On October 23, 2011, the Pope’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace called for a new world economic order, based on ethics and the “achievement of a universal common good.” It followed Pope Benedict XVI’s 2009 economic encyclical, Caritus en Veritat (Love and Truth),  that denounced a profit-at-all-cost mentality as responsible for the global financial meltdown.
Then over a period of six months, Pope Benedict XVI warned U.S. bishops that increased secularization of society demands the values that Roman Catholicism can globally give.
There is an “increased sense of concern on the part of many men and women, whatever their religious or political views” that a “troubling breakdown in the intellectual culture and moral foundations of social life” has imperiled the “future of our democratic societies.” Catholics should insist on providing “wisdom and insight, and sound guidance” to “people of good will.”[3]
This ecclesiastical wish has been on the Catholic agenda for decades. In its many social encyclicals, calls for a world government have been frequent.
One of those documents was issued by the Second Vatican Council, Gaudium et Spes:
“It is our clear duty, therefore, to strain every muscle in working for the time when all war can be completely outlawed by international consent. This goal undoubtedly requires the establishment of universal public authority acknowledged as such by all and endowed with the power to safeguard on the behalf of all, security, regard for justice, and respect for rights.”
That “universal public authority” is by implication the Holy See – the papacy. The claim for the “common good” of society and the economy is a ruse and “political fiction.” It is an excuse to portray an agenda that would benefit everyone. But its focus is the power of the Catholic Church.
Publically, there is competition between the secular world and the Vatican. The Bible makes clear that the Roman Church will prevail. Expositor White noted:
“The Roman Church is far-reaching in her plans and modes of operation. She is employing every device to extend her influence and increase her power in preparation for a fierce and determined conflict to regain control of the world, to re-establish persecution, and to undo all that Protestantism has done. Catholicism is gaining ground upon every side.”[4]
Since the Church and State were reunited in 1929 by the Lateran Treaties, Rome has published numerous geopolitical documents. She has recommended that:

  1. There must be a moral order with a centralized world public authority endowed with a wide range of powers and structure.
  1. An authority that can order the “universe” through management of the environment.
  1. That power should control all multi-national corporations, independent of their national political powers, for the common good.
  1. International free trade should end – echoing the teaching that originated with Pope Leo XIII in Rerum Novarum. The purpose is to prevent economic dictatorship.
  1. The leader should have power to transfer massive amounts of wealth from rich nations to poor nations: the superfluous wealth of rich countries should be placed at the service of “poor nations.” This is “the duty of universal charity.”
  1. Since national governments are incapable of ensuring the universal common good and all the nations of the world must be considered inadequate to promote the universal common good, that independent moral authority is needed.[5]

Though the United Nations and individual governments are promoting a geopolitical agenda, the papacy is positioning itself to superintend its control.
When the United States appointed an ambassador to the Roman Church–State in 1984 during the Reagan administration, the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs commented on the diplomatic significance of the Roman Church–State:
“The Vatican is an important player on the world stage. Vatican diplomats, widely regarded as among the most skilled in the world, play an active role in international political affairs.”
Former Jesuit Priest Bennett noted: “It is the Pope, as the purported ‘Vicar of Christ,’ and his Vatican that will declare what is the correct ‘interconnection between moral and social spheres.’ Regarding politics, economics and civil governments of all levels – or the temporal sphere – the new universal temporal authority will enforce these papal declarations.” Section 67 of the latest encyclical (Caritas en Veritat), when placed in the context of the corpus of Roman Catholic social doctrine, shows that the Papacy is very much obsessed with gaining the power to have all the world under its control.
“The Papacy’s vision in this: it claims the divine right to organize the whole human race by whatever means necessary to participate in its ‘divine vision’ because ‘Man’s earthly activity, when inspired and sustained by charity, contributes to the building of the universal city of God, which is the goal of the history of the human family. In an increasingly globalized society, the common good and the effort to obtain it cannot fail to assume the dimensions of the whole human family, that is to say, the community of peoples and nations, in such a way as to shape the earthly city in unity and peace, rendering it to some degree an anticipation and a pre-figuration of the undivided city of God.’”[6]
How coercive might the papacy then be?
Pope John Paul II revised in 1983 the 1917 Code of Canon Law, adding to the laws of the Roman Catholic Church. “The Church has an innate and proper right to coerce offending members of the Christian faithful by means of penal sanctions…. The following are to be punished with a just penalty: A person who … teaches a doctrine condemned by the Roman Pontiff.” (Canon 1312)
Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope) noted: “The ‘absolute good’ (and this means building a just socialist society) becomes the moral norm that justifies everything else, including – if necessary – violence, homicide, mendacity.” (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, US News & World Report, December 2, 1985) [“Socialist” – Marxism; “Homicide” – murder; “Mendacity” – lying.]

The Bible notes of the horns (world order): “And all the world wondered after the beast…. and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations. And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him … And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Revelation 13:3b, 7b, 8).

The interest in a “new order” has become almost universal. Even Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, noted in a recent speech with African leaders:
“We should work toward the creation of a fair world order that stems from the will power of nations and one all nations and governments can play a role in establishing under fair conditions … The world is in need of a new order characterized by justice, brotherhood, human dignity, progress and welfare, he added…. He said that a demand for the establishment of a just world order is becoming a popular demand in the world, adding that this goal can only be achieved through collective effort…. The Iranian president said the world requires a new economic system that will protect the interests of nations as well as a new political establishment that will bring security, peace and mutual respect to all nations.”[7]
Ellen G. White notes: “The unsettled state of society forecasts approaching events of the greatest magnitude.
“The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones.”[8]
Ayn Rand was right when she wrote in 1967: “The Catholic Church has never given up the hope to re-establish the medieval union of church and state, with a global state and a global theocracy as its ultimate goal.”[9]
The Holy See is a hybrid ecclesiastical monster:

  • Her political thought is totalitarianism.
  • Her history is bloody repression.
  • She has almost recovered from the mortal wound of 1870.

“When it regains its full power and authority, it will impose a regime more sinister than any the planet has yet seen.”[10]

Franklin S. Fowler, Jr., M.D.
EndTime Issues…, Number 141, July 5, 2012
Prophecy Research Initiative – non-profit 503(c)3 © 2012
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