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No Turning Back

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 No Turning Back

Opinion Displacing Judicial Integrity
Jonathan Turley, one of America’s brightest constitutional experts, passionately rejected the extreme thinking of U.S. law professors in their recent open letter to President Biden. Mark Tushnet, a Harvard legal scholar, and Aaron Belkin, a political scientist from San Francisco State University, suggested the President defy Supreme Court rulings he considers mistaken! Mr. President, “Follow your own constitutional interpretation.” Fearful!

  • Biden denounced the Supreme Court as being “Not a normal court.”[2]
  • These professors claimed that the MAGA (President Trump’s political acronym) justices pose an extreme threat to America. Even Congress should be bypassed to permit immediate action on the President’s wishes. This would bring tyranny and bypass legal checks that foster stability.

Turley said that these professors remain the privileged elite of academia, declaring “their values as transcending both the Constitution and democratic processes.”[3] Legal precedents are being established that defy America’s democratic process without consequences.

Senator Ted Cruz notes that even the indictments of former President Donald Trump has become the “weaponization of our Department of Justice.”[4] It will do enormous damage to the rule of law here in America.
Syndicated conservative radio talk show host, Dan Bongino, told Newsmax that this is proof a “police state is here.” Because Donald Trump is, once again, running for the presidency, this meddling has brought “election interference [a federal crime].”[5]
Rudy Giuliani (former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, then Mayor of New York City) said, this is all “sad, very sad … We no longer have a justice system that is equal and fair…. We’re a Banana Republic and a fascist country … if we let them get away with it.”[6] Without a Department of Justice with moral and legal integrity, destructive forces are now on the ascendency. This weakness has become so ingrained in America’s fabric, there is no turning back.
Personal Liberty being Crushed
The federal government was recently caught spying on Americans without a search warrant. They excused this by saying that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution applies only to law enforcement and not domestic surveillance.

  • That counters the plain language of the amendment.
  • It defies history and common sense.

The language of that amendment protects the privacy of all people by affirmatively declaring the right to privacy of “persons, houses, papers, and effects.” It may only be surveyed by the government with the “use of a search warrant, signed by a judge, based on probable cause of crime, and which specifically describes the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized.”
The FBI, NSA, and CIA have admitted spying on American citizens without a warrant. This is knowingly violating the Fourth Amendment, which they all have sworn to uphold. The checks and balances so carefully worked out by our forefathers are being oppugned.[7]
This is tyranny, even despotism. The right to privacy is being fragmented. U.S. Rep. Adam Shiff (D–CA) has been the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He insisted that Big Tech permitted the federal government to censor their members. He issued veiled threats to Elon Musk for trying to restore free and protected speech to Twitter (now “X”).

  • Schiff intimidated social media companies with threats if they didn’t cooperate in opening America’s private records.
  • He threatened the loss of their licenses unless they continued to spy for “us.” Tech companies were given immunity from responsibility and liability. Policing free speech has become an arm of the federal government. “Watch your business go up in smoke if you don’t cooperate.”

New York Post columnist, Miranda Devine, noted:

“Schiff is a calculated propagandist, who lies under oath as easily as breathing, and knowingly peddles misinformation to Congress and to media outlets …

"Ever since Musk authorized a group of independent journalists to release the Twitter files, a steady drip of damning evidence has emerged, showing [previous] collusion between Twitter and the federal government, including the FBI, to censor Americans and suppress dissent, in violation of the First Amendment. In particular we have seen how the FBI, in weekly meetings with Twitter, pre-bunked The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story on Oct. 14, 2020, persuading Twitter to suppress the story and lock down our account for more than two weeks. As journalist Matt Taibbi wrote in Twitter Files part 6, “Twitter was acting as a ‘subsidiary’ of the FBI, in a relationship he described as ‘master-canine.’”

Taibbi confirmed communications from the FBI to Twitter were “constant and pervasive;” and the law enforcement agency, “instead of chasing child sex predators or terrorists, the FBI has agents – lots of them – analyzing and mass-flagging social media posts. Not as part of any criminal investigation, but as a permanent, end-in-itself surveillance operation. People should not be okay with this.”[8]
Elites Hate the Free Speech of Others[9]
New expressions have been coined by the “Deep State” and “Big Tech” to discredit and ridicule any opposition as “hate speech,” “fake news,” “disinformation,” “misinformation,” “climate-change denier,” even “election deniers.”
It is war on free expression by those obsessed with increasing their power and control. Exposed truth regarding their self-serving agendas has reached a totalitarian point. Their narrative requires any resistance to be smeared, reviled, or even persecuted, labeling them as “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists,” “white supremacists,” “MAGA insurrectionists,” or, as Biden has called them, “semi-fascists,” or as Hilliary Clinton has coined them in the past, “deplorables.”
That labels millions of everyday, and especially, Republican voters. Institutions that were created to protect Americans, such as the FBI, the Departments of Justice, and Homeland Security, have become corrupt and weaponized against free speech, especially of middleclass America.
Jonathan Turley of George Washington University, in testimony before Congress, said that the Biden administration agenda to censor views it dislikes may surpass “anything achieved by direct state-run systems in countries like Russia or China.”[10]

Tyranny Against Reason
Stacy Plaskett (D–VI) is a member of the U.S. House and Weaponization Subcommittee. In July of 2023 she attacked a fellow Democrat, Robert F. Kennedy, calling him hateful. He had said, “free speech” is to protect speech from people whom they do not agree with.

  • Plackett defended censorship, asserting that “Free speech is not an absolute.”
  • She made many false claims “to support censorship.”[11]

Teachers in the public education system of California ply the immature minds of children to see if they would like to change gender. Parents are not allowed to know of their decisions. Governor Newsom was confronted by Breitbart News: “Why can’t parents know!”

  • Irritated, Newsom sidestepped the question repeatedly.
  • He implied, “Why should parents know?” “The kids just want to live.”
  • “You ought to be ashamed.”[12]

Physicians with wise clinical judgments have been “knocked to their knees” by the “controlling elite” in opposing this coercive teaching.
Without precedent, “Health Centers” inside Seattle Public Schools are offering free hormone therapies to kids who want to change gender. This, too, is without parental consent! They call it “gender reaffirming care.” Once started, the students of middle and high schools are offered sex changing surgeries. Legal checks on this have not been effective at the time of this writing.[13]
Adding insult to this willful crime, the ACLU has provided a special website for Washington State students to understand the legal rights of transgender individuals.[14]
Of all the shared values Americans have held special and sacred has been the conviction that our children are precious, innocent, and, literally, a gift from God to be cherished and protected.
Why then, in today’s America, are so many adults destroying children in a dizzying variety of ways – from aborting them right up to the very moment of birth, killing them after they’re born, to sexualizing them virtually from birth (Harvard now teaches a course on infants who are “LGBTQIA+,” “queer” or “asexual”), injecting them with an experimental “vaccine” PROVEN to be both ineffective and dangerous, to transporting 2- and 3-year-olds to “drag queen story hour” events, glorifying mentally ill and demon-possessed men dressed as women (some with criminal histories of child sexual abuse) who indoctrinate America’s next generation with fantastical stories about heroic LGBT characters?

And that’s just the abuse heaped on infants and toddlers.

As they grow older, America’s children are systematically sexualized in government (“public”) school classrooms and after-school LGBT “support clubs,” as well as by the ubiquitous, purple-haired, heavily pierced transgender recruiters on social media platforms like TikTok. As a direct consequence, many children are seduced into “identifying” as the opposite gender, or a brand-new imaginary gender. And although too young to drive or vote, they are encouraged and often convinced, and permitted by grownups to take powerful drugs and hormones and to have their healthy breasts amputated or undergo chemical or surgical castration. The resulting teen transgender suicide rate is “shockingly high.”[15]
The agendas of evil leaders and teachers are being forced into young minds with little recourse. It has become so pervasive, there appears to be no turning back.
Power of Unelected Public Health Executives
A disturbing report was published in “Reclaim the Net,” March 2023. The global unelected health agency, the World Health Organization (WHO), plans to amend the 2005 International Health Regulations. This would accede to the Biden Administration recommendations of 2022, giving coercive power to this agency.

  • This document will legally bind 196 countries to detect and report potential public health emergencies.
  • The Biden administration wishes to add powers by using the word “potential” health emergencies, which would permit the WHO to develop greater global surveillance and data sharing mechanisms.

How would these amendments expand WHO’s powers? It would:

  1. Give the WHO Director-General authority to declare a “potential or actual” health emergency that could be of international concern.
  2. Give the WHO Director-General and regional directors power to declare a health emergency locally or globally with restrictive requirements they deem appropriate!
  3. Recognize WHO as the director and coordinating authority for international public health responses. (This could be subversive and tyrannical.)
  4. Give increasing authority to censor online content on YouTube, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Partnering with WHO, YouTube has already censored over 800,000 videos. The proposals would give the WHO new powers to counter what it considers misinformation or disinformation. This would confer on this unelected body power to publicly resist what they disagree with. It could soon go beyond their sphere of authority to include threats to mental health – a very subjective area.

As an example – despite the current awareness that Covid vaccines can spread Covid and be lethal, the WHO has declared “vaccine hesitancy” through “anti-vaccine activism” deadlier than global terrorism. The word “misinformation” can be weaponized and lead to censorship. It could quickly move into the realm of limiting behavior, blocking gatherings such as worships, and creating the need for a rest day from industrial and vehicular pollutants.
The tragedy of such declarations is that the ultimate focus of this authority is to gain license to control. The outcome – unmitigated suppression.[16]  
Another example of dishonest manipulation of public thought: “The WHO [a division of the U.N.] recently publicly characterized people who discuss adverse effects of Covid vaccines and question WHO policies as ‘far-right,’ ‘anti-science aggressors,’ and ‘a killing force.’ This is unhinged labeling. It is the denigration and hate speech that fascist regimes use. In the near future, will they ever be able to decide whether such an organization should control freedom of expression” and decide what constitutes religious and moral truth?[17]
Fast-forwarding liberty of “free speech” has been elevated to such importance, it occupies a near sacred level at university campuses. As a result, hate speech, even calling for violence against ethnic or religious minorities, is tolerated.
Rather than confront the conflict between commitment to free speech and eliminating hostile environments, like antisemitism, and affirming their commitment to both, university presidents react instead by setting up “task forces” to study the problem, resulting in more hate speech and delayed solutions.
They simply eliminate the first amendment – and antisemitism flourishes.[18]
As one sees the growing check on free expression, recent violence, and religious hate rhetoric, we see the echoing of Biblically anticipated resistance against God’s last-day loyalists. The psychological and political dynamics are in place. Christians “will feel the ire of the dragon and his hosts.” Satan “will stir up the wicked powers of earth to destroy the people of God.”[19]
“Christ said, “[they] … shall kill you and ye shall be hated of all nations. And then shall many be offended and shall betray one another …” [Matthew 24:9-10]. These words will be fulfilled…. The time cometh that whosoever killeth you will think he doeth God service.’ These words come sounding down … to our time. The true and faithful … must suffer persecution…. There is no way of avoiding it.”[20]
That antisemitism that recently reared its ugly head so quickly and globally is a template of how the “establishment” will soon react to God’s remnant. The latent arrogance and hostility of the left-wing leaders were recently seen in an interview with Al Gore, the self-proclaimed climate czar: “Any messaging opposing my voice is a threat to democracy.”[21]

Pharmacists nationwide refuse to fill prescriptions for Ivermectin, a known beneficial treatment for Covid. This is despite the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) affirming that right to prescribing physicians. But – in the next breath, they said that this medication hasn’t been approved for human use, only animal use.

  • The FDA affirmed that it is up to an individual doctor as to whether to prescribe such a medication for treating Covid-19.
  • The pharmacists are legally fearful of the duplicity of the positions of the federal agencies. However, their refusal is a form of medical practice, which they have no license to do! Everyone loses!

Patients’ rights are being diminished. Doctors’ rights are being curtailed. Senator Ron Johnson (R–WI) noted:
“The widespread denial of ivermectin … [likely] resulted in untold COVID deaths. ‘The doctors I’ve been dealing with and talking to for years now, they believe that probably hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their lives because they were denied early treatment because the FDA sabotaged, for example, Ivermectin.’”[22]
“We are going down a very dangerous path, but it’s a path that is being laid out and planned by an elite group of people that want to take total control over our lives, and that’s what they’re doing bit by bit.”[23]
In a recent infraction on privacy, major pharmacy chains are handing over patient records to law enforcement agencies without a warrant. There are no checks, and pharmacies are very fearful not to comply with their demands.[24]
Cultural Breakdown
A recent example: There were claims that the experimental mRNA vaccines were “safe” and “effective.” These were dishonest. Many healthy individuals who received these vaccines (including athletes) developed heart conditions with sudden death from heart attacks and strokes. A horrendous denial followed that it was vaccine related. Because of the sheer numbers of convincing documents against those original claims, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention blocked public release of that confirming data and locked it from review for 75 years![25]
In a brilliant piece in the February 2023 Whistleblower magazine, Attorney Laura Hollis notes:

“The warning signs of looming disaster are evident across our most significant cultural institutions, and they are being widely ignored.

“These warnings fall into four basic categories.

“The first is deception: The powerful tell lies of increasing severity with no compunction and no consequences….
“Deception goes hand-in-hand with censorship. The recently released internal Twitter documents prove that the FBI and the intelligence community have been actively involved in censorship of truthful information and selective release of preapproved disinformation by Twitter and the other social media companies (Google, YouTube, Facebook).
“The second warning sign is corruption within law enforcement and the legal system.

“America’s major cities are eliminating bail and putting criminals back on the streets. Theft goes unpunished, and innocent business owners are expected to absorb the losses.

“Inconsistent legal standards depend upon political viewpoints. While most of the country was under pandemic lockdowns, Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists were permitted massive protests, even when those turned into violent mobs that did billions of dollars in damage and destruction….

“The third warning sign is control. In the name of ‘climate change,’ the powerful seek to control every aspect of our lives: our light bulbs, toilets, washing machines, cars, homes. They intend to ban gas stoves. A little item tucked into the recent ‘infrastructure’ bill mandates ‘kill switches’ in all new cars sold after 2026, which could enable third parties to shut down your vehicle. The ‘digital dollar’ would give government control over your bank accounts. Cellphones, ‘smart’ appliances and even public streetlights are engaged in constant surveillance, which further facilitates control.

“The fourth warning is arrogance, the lynchpin of all destruction.

“The ultimate problem is human failing combined with too much power: The power to force flawed ideologies on others. The power to crush opposition and forbid alternatives. The power to spread lies. The power to silence and punish those trying to provide the public with the truth.”[26]
The Biden regime is deliberately ignoring the worst border crisis in American history. Some days over a thousand immigrants cross into this country. A huge percentage are young adult males of military age. Six million people (those who were caught) have entered this country since Biden took office. Almost 250,000 were permitted to fly from South America directly into American cities.

  • September 22, 2023, Biden said: “I’ve directed my team to make a historic increase in the number of refugees admitted.”
  • Former president Obama thinks Americans have too much control over their own lives. Mass immigration will dilute their resources and increase the chance of control.

However, liberal mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, reported in the New York Post that the immigration across the southern border (2000 miles away) will “destroy New York City” (the wealthiest city in the United States). What Democrat is listening?
Democrats claim that they are potentially getting new constituents and perhaps votes.

  • The majority are from predominantly Catholic countries that encourage this migration.
  • It’s interesting that the Vatican is against border walls so human movements can be unimpeded.[27]

There’s No Going Back
America and large segments of the world have irrevocably changed – in a single lifetime. In the 1950’s the middle class was secure and relatively prosperous. Judeo–Christian culture was prevalent. Divorce was rare compared to now. Hard work was respected. A moral-driven culture was expected. Technology landed man on the moon. Computers could quickly solve thousands of problems. They, with television, linked us to the world.
Then – without clear warnings:

  • Liberal movements sprung up (women’s liberation, black supremacy, sexual freedom, gay rights, animal rights).
  • Multiculturalism arose as a legal issue.
  • Abortion became a cultural “necessity.”
  • An accelerated contempt and even demonization of Christianity arose.

Then Obama became president.
He became a political “Messiah.” Schooled as a Muslim in Indonesia and with years steeped in Marxism, he developed a radical worldview. His subliminal mantra: “We are all socialists now!” In the Affordable Care Act, millions lost their health insurance. They were rescued by a limited single-payor system. He was able to capitalize on Marxist trends that had come to America like a bitter wind.

  • Marxism, historically, was a socialistic concept that required, like communism, violent uprisings.
  • Then came Neo-Marxism, which came from Europe, then was implanted in the United States. A Hungarian Marxist theorist, George Lukacs, wrote extensively on how to slowly change a culture and a nation without violence:

Teach children that sexual intercourse is okay. Religion is an irrelevant issue. Licentiousness was okay for women. The family was not a bedrock foundation for the community.[28]
An Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci, wrote that to seize power, first impose a cultural revolution. Then control would fall into one’s lap.

  • He, too, said that the agency of revolution, and the easiest to promote, was sexual freedom.[29]
  • Through educational institutions, arts, theater, newspapers, magazines, and electronic media, this became the mechanism for social liberation.

Psychological conditioning entered the schools, which diminished the role of parents by promoting a new morality. Herbert Marcuse, called the “father of the New Left,” captivated the minds of educators in the 1960’s. He promoted the “Pleasure Principle.” Sex and drugs would mesmerize the majority.
The family must be destroyed because it was the incubator of stability and religion. The rights of children must become supreme. Left-leaning political activism then rose in the courts through administrative law, liberal politicians, and, slowly, through educators.
The late Phyllis Schlafly, brilliantly noted in her book, Who Killed the Family? “The wreckage of the American family renders us incapable of having limited government because government must step in to perform tasks formerly done by a nuclear family.”[30]
The ideal answer? Restore what previously worked – Christianity, the family, and laws that respect the individual. Possible? America has gone too far. Any attempt to revisit the stability of the past would require a measure of suppression worse than Neo-Marxism.
“In our land of boasted freedom, religious liberty will come to an end.”[31]
“The authorities will make laws to restrict religious liberty. They will assume the right that is God’s alone. They will think they can force the conscience, which God alone should control. Even now they are making a beginning; this work they will continue to carry forward till they reach a boundary over which they cannot step. God will interpose on behalf of His loyal commandment-keeping people.”[32]
Human history is replete with philosophies that led to oppression, war, rise of dictatorial regimes, destruction of economies, and even the deaths of millions. Signs of similar histories repeating themselves are looming everywhere.

Franklin S. Fowler, Jr., M.D.
Prophecy Research Initiative – non-profit 501(c)3 © 2024
EndTime Issues…, Number 278, January 4, 2024

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